How Good is Copper Cookware?

Copper cookware are the widely used utensils in the cooking sector. Its use can be popularly seen in the restaurants and other times also in the households. Everything has its pros and cons, and copper cookware is not different from that.

However, the pros can be acknowledged more in the case of copper cookware and mostly it depends upon the preference and convenience of the user. It might initially seem to be cookware that is expensive and tough to maintain but, there are a lot of advantages to it that can make it worth the cost.

This article will give you a brief idea about copper cookware that will help you out to decide on your own if it’s worth your money or, not.

Why Use Copper Cookware?

Copper was the very first material that the human beings started working and using with. This ultimately makes a strong bond between this metal and the human.

Copper has a very good ability to do electricity and heat conduction. This is one of the traits that makes it worth for using in the cooking arenas. Copper does an even and quick heating but, also can lose heat fast.

This acts a great advantage for the proteins like Meat, fish, seafood, chocolate, caramel, etc. As such, the risk of overcooking is demised to some extents when one of the food items get in exposure to another precooked food item.

When it comes to cost, arguments are enough to reject copper cookware. Some critics pointed out the size of the burner and the metal thickness that is not suitable when compared with aluminum cookware.

On the other hand, refutations are also seen in this regard. According to them, the responsiveness of copper is much more important than that of its size and thickness. They claim that the rapid heating and cooling down of the copper cookware are more advantageous that can make the size and thickness facts seem unnecessary.

Another important feature of copper can be it’s a brown and shiny look that can make it a stylish product. Alongside using it for the cooking purpose, it’s color can surely increase the beauty of your kitchen.

So, in terms of cost, copper cookware can be a less wanted product but, considering its looks and usefulness, it is a big yes.

Do You Need a Copper Cookware or Not?

An honest answer to this question will be “No.” It is not a must to use copper cookware since a lot of tasty dishes can be cooked without even using it. There are a lot of professional cooks who rarely use this cookware for their cooking purpose.

So, do you then stop using copper cookware? Not really. If you can afford it, then don’t think and just go for it. Because a perfectly made copper cookware can enhance the beauty of your kitchen alongside its use. Its quality can make you realize it’s aesthetic value relying on it.

The Health Benefits Related to Copper Cookware

There are several health benefits of using copper cookware. They are:

1. Lose Weight

When you consume any food infused in copper, it accelerates the breaking process of fat cells inside the body. It also eliminates the fat resulting in weight loss that can be a miracle to believe!

2. Ensure Good digestive system

Copper cookware can also help you out to get relief from constipation. Because it carries out the process of detoxification in the stomach. At the same time, it also reduces the chance of acidity and toxic waste formations within the body.

3. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Generally, it acts as a real threat for you when you leave food on your cookware for a long time and consume them later. Keeping foods on cookware for longer time results in the birth of micro-organisms in it.

But, copper cookware has anti-bacterial properties. So, the micro-organisms are unable to survive in it. It prevents the growth of such harmful bacterias like the Escherichia Coli or, E-coli bacteria.

4. Copper Requirement for Body

Our body needs copper, and it acts as an essential element to keep the body in working condition. Our body can’t produce it but, we need it from the external sources. So, cooking in copper cookware isn’t that harmful at all since the body itself needs copper.

Benefits of Clad Bonded Copper Cookware

The term “Clad Bonded” indicates being placed between the layers of 2 different type of metals. For this, the cookware gets resilient and hard surface and ensures easy maintenance.

It also provides you with the advantage of being extremely sensitive to thermal temperatures. Besides, you won’t have to polish it now and then that makes it hassle-free to use.

Benefits of Tri-Ply Copper Cookware

This type of copper cookware are durable and offers core made with aluminum, an interior portion made with stainless steel, and the exterior portion covered with copper. The copper on the exterior surface allows getting heated quickly whereas, the aluminum helps the heat to spread evenly. Since the interior is covered with stainless steel so, it reduces the risk of damaging the surface of the cookware.

Copper Quirks: Understanding Reactivity and Lining Needs

One needs to know about the reactivity of copper, and it’s the necessity of lining that can make the use of this type cookwares easy and safe. Copper is a reactive metal. When vinegar or, tomatoes are used in food, it can leach the copper out in the food and makes the food toxic.

It is for this that, copper cookware are mostly lined. It is necessary to keep under consideration the lining material that is being used on the cookware.

Initially, people used in to line copper cookware. Tin is an element similar to that of copper and has some good qualities. The very first quality to acknowledge is it’s lining capability. It doesn’t react with anything as copper does.

The second mentionable quality of tin is that it is nonstick so, seasoning is not required. When lined with tin, you can easily use your copper cookware to fry and cook foods like Fish, egg or, even pancakes without making the food stick to the pan.

Besides, for the lining purpose, you can also use stainless steel. It is a new invention because bonding these two metals is a bit difficult. Stainless steel ensures durability. However, there is a chance of food getting stick to your pan when stainless steel is used.

Sometimes, silver is used to line copper cookware. Silver is an excellent conductor, particularly than that of copper and it is nonstick as well. But, the price will be high definitely.

What Ensures a Good Copper Cookware?

One significant characteristic that is to be considered in case of good copper cookware is the copper thickness. The thickness on a general basis should range from 2.5-3mm.

If the thickness crosses this range, your copper cookware will start losing its responsiveness to heat. On the other hand, if the thickness is less than the mentioned range, the cookware will stop heating evenly.

Though it’s difficult to find copper thicker than the range, it’s easy enough to find copper less than the thickness range. A thickness of 2mm is alright but, lower than this will turn it into a territory of the decorative pot. So, before buying your copper cookware, do ensure its copper thickness for better performance.


Considering all these factors, it needs no mentioning that, copper cookware is one of the stylish utensils with a good number of benefits. Price is a big factor considered before purchasing copper cookware, but if it’s worth the cost, then the price doesn’t matter.

Is Cast Iron Cookware the Right Choice for Camping?

Iron is one of the most known minerals in the universe. Everyone knows or has heard about iron at least once in their life.

Cast iron is the alloy or mixture of iron and carbon. It is known for its low melting point and its heat retention capacity. These cookwares are non-stick. Seasoning is used to protect iron from rust and make it smooth.

Cast iron is a good option for long cooking processes; like stew or braised dishes. Some chefs’ consider cast iron to be a good choice for egg dishes; other chefs’ think that it adds an off-flavor.

Cleaning the cast iron cookware is simple yet complex. Some chefs recommend not cleaning it all, just wiping or pouring hot water after use. Cast iron cookware is known to be suitable for camping. Most campsite chefs’ use it and recommend it for camping.

Camping Cookware

Anyone who has gone camping knows how much planning it takes and how convenience products make the camping experience great.  Cooking in camps is a huge hassle. Having a cooking ware that makes it easier goes a long way.

Cast iron is known for its durable built and ability to retain heat. This specific cookware is valued by campsite chef. Cast iron was practically made for fireside meals. As the campsite requires fire to cook food, cast iron is the best utensil to be used.

Cast iron cookware are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. For camping, people look for a durable option. Cast iron offers durability more than other cookware. Although it’s a bit heavy, it’s worth it packs for your next camping trip for all the benefits it offers.

Healthy Cooking

Cooking in cast iron is very healthy for people suffering from heart diseases or has high cholesterol. Cast iron requires less oil as it does not absorb any oil. Also, the sheen of seasoning makes it almost entirely non-stick. 

As it requires a lesser amount of oil and fats, cooking in cast iron also saves supplies! When you are buying a cast iron cookware, be careful to check the sheen. If the sheen is not good, the pan will be sticky and hard to handle. A good sheen gives the cast iron its best feature.


Cast iron is the best choice for camping because it has more durability than other metals. Other pots and pans might often burn when put over the fire, but cast iron has a strong build.

This type of cookware can be placed directly over hot coal, and it will suffer no damage. Cast iron can also withstand direct flames and can be used for cooking over a fire.

Chemical Free

Cast iron cookware are all natural. They have no chemical coating or harmful substances. Most non-stick pans contain perfluorocarbons, and this chemical is linked with cancer, developmental problems, and liver damage. 

For camping, an environment-friendly utensil is a must because it has to support your surroundings. Humans have done enough damages to the earth; it’s time they get conscious about almost everything.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning and washing in camps can be overwhelmingly challenging at times. Even washing can be a bit frustrating. The lack of running water and using river or pond water makes it difficult to wash pots and pans thoroughly.

Cast iron cookware is a solution to this problem! This cookware is advised not to be washed roughly or thoroughly. Most chefs’ advice no washing at all. They tell you just to wipe it. As the oil does not stick to the pan, food lifts off the pan very easily.

Safer Option

Cooking with cast iron is safer than most other types of pans. For example, aluminum is discouraged from using for cooking, because it gets absorbed in large amounts into the food. Aluminum consumption has proven to cause Alzheimer’s. This has made people wary of using them. 

Cast iron is an old utensil. Iron is one of the first metals humankind worked with. If we look at the past, they were the most popular utensil for centuries. Their long history of usage with no problems speaks volume about their safety.

Keep Food From Burning

Thermal conductivity of cast iron is very poor. They tend to form hot spot as stainless steel utensils do. There is a trick that can keep your food from burning.

Cast iron takes time to heat up all over. So to heat it evenly on all spaces, preheat the pan. Don’t start cooking right after you have put the pan on fire. Let it heat up on high temperature for one to two minutes, and then start cooking.

They Can Be Used For Various Types Of Cooking

You can use cast iron pans for cooking almost everything. Starting from roasting, sautéing, broiling, and deep fry or frying in a small amount of oil; everything can be done perfectly in cast iron.

They are also good for boiling and poaching. It does not hurt any medium if put over it. The Chinese use a basket made out of bamboo over their cast iron pans to steam food.

The versatility makes it amazingly handy for camp cookware. You can use anything and cook anything on cast iron. Also, it tastes smoky and better!


Camping and cast iron is a very old combination. It’s still in practice. The low maintenance and low price make it the right choice for outing and camping. Cast iron is also durable and flexible to use. While camping this thing is the one that will make your experience smarter and more fun.

Stainless Steel Cookware: What to Check Before Buying

Before heading into cookware made of stainless steel, we need to try and understand what the material is and why it is appealing to the cookware buyers.

With a lowest of ten and a half percent of chromium in its mass, stainless steel counts as a type of steel. The material is resistant to corrosion, meaning that it resists staining, rust, and tarnishing. The high resistance feature makes it appealing to people who are looking for appliances of low maintenance.

Also, cookware of stainless steel is convenient to sterilize and clean. You can cleanse and steam clean the material quite quickly. Although stainless steel comes with a lot of benefits, you have to consider some factors before buying cookware made of them.

Let’s talk about why you should buy cookware made of stainless steel what you need to check in them before you buy them.

Reasons to Consider Stainless Steel

The main issue with stainless steel is the heat conductivity as compared to aluminum it is less by sixteen times.

This means that the stainless steel will need sixteen times longer to reach the same temperature as the aluminum cookware. Also, if you do not know how to use this cookware correctly, most food will be sticking to the surface.

Although there are issues, you get a lot of benefits from the stainless steel to consider buying cookware made of it. These are:


You can scrub, scratch and bang it, but it will still work as it’s way harder than copper or aluminum. The melting point is quite higher than the two.

Looks Good

Shiny and polished look of the stainless steel is difficult to beat.

Ease of Maintenance

You do not need to take much care of the cookware made of stainless steel. If it is looking dull, you need but a little bit of water and vinegar to restore the sparkle and shine.


Stainless steel does not react in contacts with food like aluminum and copper reacts. 


You can poach, stew, steam, braise, boil, sauté, and fry properly using the stainless steel kind of cookware. 

With but a few limitations, the stainless steel can be considered the safest option of cookware at the market.

Factors to Consider for Buying

If you are at the market to buy some good cookware set made of stainless steel, it is quite unlikely that you will be carrying calipers to measure cookware for their material’s thickness or perhaps the weight scale to check their weight. However, you need to keep some things in mind.

1. Stainless Steel Grade

The first thing to check in cookware is whether the material ratio is eighteen by eight or eighteen by ten since they are considered as the standard for measuring if the quality is good.

Most of the cookware in the market will have these numbers at their bottom, stamped, or on the box of the cookware. If you cannot find this information, look onto the next features and see if they match.

2. The Cookware’s Weight

Not getting too technical with the side or base’s thickness or what a ‘right’ thickness has to be, good quality cookware of stainless steel will come with a ‘heft’ that you can feel as you lift the cookware up.

If the pot is heavier, that means that it was made using more materials and it was quite expensive for its manufacturers to produce. So, the cookware will be much pricier for your wallet.

Also, the heavier cookware tends to be sturdier as well as less likely when it comes to having hot spots so that you can cook your food more evenly. They are less susceptible regarding dings and dents.

3. The Core Material Used

As far as conducting heat goes, stainless steel is poor material. When buying, you should check to make sure that the cookware is made with copper or aluminum core and cladding. The aluminum or copper adds far better heat conductivity to the stainless steel’s durability.

The core of cookware is the disc at a pan’s bottom, and the layer that is along the sides and base is called the called or ply. Cookware that comes with cladding is generally costlier than the ones that only have a core of metal. Also, copper made cookware are always costlier than the ones made using aluminum.

Without having any hotspots, stainless steel cookware’s performance is primarily dependent on its efficiency to spread the heat around the body. The aluminum or copper core’s thickness determines this spread of heat. An increase in the thickness of the core will also increase the ability to distribute heat evenly.

One thing you need to remember is that the aluminum core is required to be three times thicker than the copper core to achieve the same level of heat distribution. That means cookware featuring the aluminum core offers a base that is thicker than the one offered by the copper alternative.

On the off chance you are trying to figure out the cookware’s quality using weight as you compare two sets of them, make sure to be comparing cookware of the same type. For example, compare copper with copper and aluminum with aluminum and not interchangeably.

4. The Feel of the Cookware in the Hands

A physical store is better than ordering online if you want to check the feel of the cookware in the hands. See if they feel properly balanced and weighted. Also, if the fit of lids is snugly and the ease and sturdiness of grip on the handles and knobs.

Riveted knobs, as well as handles, tend to be more secure compared to the welded kind. However, it is harder to clean around them. The manufacturers of higher-end cookware resort to a construction that is rivetless. As a result, the interior’s surface becomes smoother.

5. The Cookware Brand’s Reputation

Lastly, go with a cookware brand that is quite reputed in case of good quality. You can get a good set of cookware at any budget, but make sure the brand has a proper reputation and good reviews.


The cookware of stainless steel will offer you great value for your money. If you want to get yourself a set of them, this guide will help you pick out the best from the available ones in the market.

Is Organic Food the Best We Can Buy?

“Go organic” is something that all of us have heard about a lot. And to go all organic, we have to spend a significant amount of money as organic food products cost like 60% more than typical food products.

Such is the case because of the high production costs. As to the answer to the question of whether it is “worth” it – it is arguable.

What is ‘Organic Food’ Anyway?

The food products that are produced by fulfilling certain standards of “organic farming” are called organic foods. To put it in simpler terms, the foods that are grown in a natural setting, i.e., without any artificial fertilizers/pesticides or, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

For example – meats that are termed as ‘organic’ come from the animals that did not undergo any hormones or antibiotic injections.

Are Organic Foods Really ‘Organic?’

A major portion of the consumers have doubts about the “organic” part of organic foods. They have stated that they believe that the “organic” labeling is there just to charge more.

There have been some instances of these food products not being “completely organic” that made the majority of the consumers so skeptical. But researches have suggested that there are some significant differences between conventional food products and organic food products.

Does It Make a Difference?

There have been some doubts regarding the significance of the number of residual pesticides in food products. The number of residual pesticides in conventional foods may not be enough to bring harm to human health.

It has also been pointed out by some of the skeptics of organic foods that the “natural” pesticides used in organic farming may have harmful impacts on the human body as scientists are still searching for answers. Same goes for nutritional value as studies have shown no significant difference between organic and conventional foods when it comes to nutritional value.

The Impacts of Organic Foods on the Human Body

Firstly, the amount of residual pesticide in organic foods is 5 times less than that of conventional food products. Secondly, these food products also have a lower level of harmful metals in comparison to conventional food products.

Thirdly, organic foods contain more nutritional value than typical foods do. Lastly, the consumption of organic foods does not help in developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the body.

A Few Other Ways of Measuring the “Worth”

Organic methods of farming ensure increased bio-diversity, comparatively better health of the soil and, prolonged sustainability of the arable lands, making them all about production values.

But organic farming has only proved to be environmentally friendly when its impacts were measured per acre and not per product unit. Conventional farming has proved to have detrimental health effects on the farmers while organic farming has not.

Also, organic farming is necessary for the further economic progression of a country as it has the ability to eliminate corporate monopoly.      


Is organic food really the best? Well, maybe, maybe not. But if we want organic without emptying our wallets, we should the following;

  • Buying bulk, organic foods prioritizing pregnant women and children,
  • Buying food products that are “in season,”
  • Growing one’s own food, if possible.

Camping Cookware – How to Choose?

After I started my college, me along with my friends, we go on hiking every time we get break. From past few experiences, we realized the only issue we have while we go on hiking and stay in camps is cooking issue.

It took us a long time to come up with a solution yet we could not decide of which cookware we are supposed to bring with us on the camp.

That is why, whenever we went for buying cooking accessories we could not make up our mind and winded up buying wrong stuff. This time, I put an effort on knowing everything that I need to know about camping cookware. Mostly about how to choose the right one. Here, I am going to write about it.


When you go for shopping you will see there exists differences among different kinds of camping cookware. They vary from brand to brand. Buy something reasonably cheap since you have to spend on other stuff for camping as well.


No one wants to carry heavy things on tours. If you go on a car camping then you can consider carrying heavy stuff but if it happens that you going to carry everything on your back then you certainly have to take the weight of the cookware into account.

Cooking Time

We do not like if something is delaying. It is not about being impatient and hungry but one must get something that cooks pretty fast. In the meantime, if you buy a cookware that cooks fast then you can save some fuel. Different materials have different conduction of heat hence, they differ in terms of time needed to cook food.


While working with any kind of accessories it is very usual to drop it on the ground. If your working tool is very fragile and not so durable then there is every possibility that it would get broken or damaged. That is why, buy a cookware that is good and long-lasting, even if it costs you a bit more.


Buy something based on number of people you are hiking with. Besides, before buying a cookware think about the number of people that it needs to serve. Do not make yourself go through the burden of a big cookware when it needs to serve just a few number of people or maybe it is just you only.


Something that can do a number of works all by itself is better than a lot of things with different utility. Since you do not want to take a lot of stuff with you while going on a hike, it is better to get yourself a cookware that is multi-purposed.

Steel Camping Dishes

Most of the people prefer to use steel dishes when they go on a hike as these are pretty much durable. As you are not going to work in your kitchen, your dishes have to go through a lot of rough usage.

Steel dishes can take it all without getting damaged. These are not so heavy hence you can carry them without too much hardship.

Along with that, if you cook in a steel dish, you will not have a steel-like taste in your food. However, you have to be very careful so that food does not stick or burn.

Plastic Camping Cookware

Biggest drawback when it comes to cooking with a plastic cookware is that you cannot really cook in it. It used basically used to serve food. Yet, plastic utensils really come in handy when you go on hiking. These do not get broken easily and very much light in weight.

Aluminum Camping Dishes

The most prominent kind of camping cookware is the one made of aluminum. Thought, previously aluminum used to be delicate hence after cooking in it, food used to taste bad but no things got changed.

Lately, aluminum camping utensils are made of hard-anodized aluminum which are coated with a very thin layer of non-stick material.

Now they are more durable and they also prevent cooked food from getting metallic flavored. Also, aluminum cookware is very easy to clean due to its non-stick coat. Though, it is not as durable as titanium or steel yet, it is way cheaper than that of titanium one.

Silicon Foldable Camping Cookware

Silicon cookware looks like plastic at first glance but basically it is made of very high temperature resistant silicone. As these pots have aluminum bottom, you can use them to boil water and also for cooking purposes. Besides, you can fold them down and do not take too much place in your bag.

Cast Iron Camping Cookware

Cast iron camping cookware is the hardest but only for car camping. You need to take care of this kind of cookware but it will serve you a lifetime. It also provides balanced heating and has non-stick surface.

Titanium Camping Dishes

This type of dish got several good features in it. Its weight is very low and takes very little time to cook and to cool. It is very much corrosion resistant hence very durable. After having so many good sides, it only have one downside. It is expensive due to its high quality.

Tip For Cooking On Open Fire

Prior to buying your cooking accessories, decide whether you are going to cook directly on top of open flame using coals or on top of large open flame setting up a grill over it. This is because, different ways of cooking need different types of cookware.


We go on hiking and do camping mostly for fun and adventure. Before doing so, we tend to consider the big things and prepare for those. Yet, we need to consider having convenience while cooking when we go on a tour.

Wherever we go, we need to eat. So, it is better to look for something efficient and conducive when it comes to choosing a camping cookware. Buying something heavy and not so good will lead you to having troubles while carrying it and make you struggle in time of using it.