Camping Cookware – How to Choose?

After I started my college, me along with my friends, we go on hiking every time we get break. From past few experiences, we realized the only issue we have while we go on hiking and stay in camps is cooking issue.

It took us a long time to come up with a solution yet we could not decide of which cookware we are supposed to bring with us on the camp.

That is why, whenever we went for buying cooking accessories we could not make up our mind and winded up buying wrong stuff. This time, I put an effort on knowing everything that I need to know about camping cookware. Mostly about how to choose the right one. Here, I am going to write about it.


When you go for shopping you will see there exists differences among different kinds of camping cookware. They vary from brand to brand. Buy something reasonably cheap since you have to spend on other stuff for camping as well.


No one wants to carry heavy things on tours. If you go on a car camping then you can consider carrying heavy stuff but if it happens that you going to carry everything on your back then you certainly have to take the weight of the cookware into account.

Cooking Time

We do not like if something is delaying. It is not about being impatient and hungry but one must get something that cooks pretty fast. In the meantime, if you buy a cookware that cooks fast then you can save some fuel. Different materials have different conduction of heat hence, they differ in terms of time needed to cook food.


While working with any kind of accessories it is very usual to drop it on the ground. If your working tool is very fragile and not so durable then there is every possibility that it would get broken or damaged. That is why, buy a cookware that is good and long-lasting, even if it costs you a bit more.


Buy something based on number of people you are hiking with. Besides, before buying a cookware think about the number of people that it needs to serve. Do not make yourself go through the burden of a big cookware when it needs to serve just a few number of people or maybe it is just you only.


Something that can do a number of works all by itself is better than a lot of things with different utility. Since you do not want to take a lot of stuff with you while going on a hike, it is better to get yourself a cookware that is multi-purposed.

Steel Camping Dishes

Most of the people prefer to use steel dishes when they go on a hike as these are pretty much durable. As you are not going to work in your kitchen, your dishes have to go through a lot of rough usage.

Steel dishes can take it all without getting damaged. These are not so heavy hence you can carry them without too much hardship.

Along with that, if you cook in a steel dish, you will not have a steel-like taste in your food. However, you have to be very careful so that food does not stick or burn.

Plastic Camping Cookware

Biggest drawback when it comes to cooking with a plastic cookware is that you cannot really cook in it. It used basically used to serve food. Yet, plastic utensils really come in handy when you go on hiking. These do not get broken easily and very much light in weight.

Aluminum Camping Dishes

The most prominent kind of camping cookware is the one made of aluminum. Thought, previously aluminum used to be delicate hence after cooking in it, food used to taste bad but no things got changed.

Lately, aluminum camping utensils are made of hard-anodized aluminum which are coated with a very thin layer of non-stick material.

Now they are more durable and they also prevent cooked food from getting metallic flavored. Also, aluminum cookware is very easy to clean due to its non-stick coat. Though, it is not as durable as titanium or steel yet, it is way cheaper than that of titanium one.

Silicon Foldable Camping Cookware

Silicon cookware looks like plastic at first glance but basically it is made of very high temperature resistant silicone. As these pots have aluminum bottom, you can use them to boil water and also for cooking purposes. Besides, you can fold them down and do not take too much place in your bag.

Cast Iron Camping Cookware

Cast iron camping cookware is the hardest but only for car camping. You need to take care of this kind of cookware but it will serve you a lifetime. It also provides balanced heating and has non-stick surface.

Titanium Camping Dishes

This type of dish got several good features in it. Its weight is very low and takes very little time to cook and to cool. It is very much corrosion resistant hence very durable. After having so many good sides, it only have one downside. It is expensive due to its high quality.

Tip For Cooking On Open Fire

Prior to buying your cooking accessories, decide whether you are going to cook directly on top of open flame using coals or on top of large open flame setting up a grill over it. This is because, different ways of cooking need different types of cookware.


We go on hiking and do camping mostly for fun and adventure. Before doing so, we tend to consider the big things and prepare for those. Yet, we need to consider having convenience while cooking when we go on a tour.

Wherever we go, we need to eat. So, it is better to look for something efficient and conducive when it comes to choosing a camping cookware. Buying something heavy and not so good will lead you to having troubles while carrying it and make you struggle in time of using it.